Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Are you ready for a career in real estate?

2018: Beverly, Schelerria, Anita, Patel and Jerrika made the jump to kickstart a new career!
1st Course: 60-hour Real Estate Principles, 
2nd Course: 30-hour New Affiliate

Are you ready to take the Real Estate Exam?

Students often get through the course and then rush in to take the exam.  Is that a good thing or not?
1. Did the student master the terms and definitions in the course?
2. Did the student progress show a percentage knowledge of 80% or higher during the course?
3. Does the student understand the PSI Bulletin? (sometimes, the student is confused by the name of the exam offered:  not ready at all)
4. Has the student taken any practice tests scoring 80% or higher?
5. Can the student explain the practice of real estate?

These are quick assessments of "Are you ready?" that a student can answer themselves!

Suggest: flashcards or Quizlet.com  and  exam prep: question and answer programs/books
Felicia Roddy
Memphis Real Estate School