Tuesday, February 12, 2019

How to Study for Real Estate

#How to study for the real estate exam....
1. Study in short periods such as one, no more two hours.
2. Review terms and definitions by associating them with the category most used.
3. Check PSI for the real estate categories and study the summaries for these categories in your textbook.
4. Learn the practice of real estate. (how it works in a transaction)
5. Purchase a study workbook of exam questions. (get this book at amazon.com)
6. Online exam prep at Memphis Real Estate School

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Are you ready for a career in real estate?

2018: Beverly, Schelerria, Anita, Patel and Jerrika made the jump to kickstart a new career!
1st Course: 60-hour Real Estate Principles, 
2nd Course: 30-hour New Affiliate

Are you ready to take the Real Estate Exam?

Students often get through the course and then rush in to take the exam.  Is that a good thing or not?
1. Did the student master the terms and definitions in the course?
2. Did the student progress show a percentage knowledge of 80% or higher during the course?
3. Does the student understand the PSI Bulletin? (sometimes, the student is confused by the name of the exam offered:  not ready at all)
4. Has the student taken any practice tests scoring 80% or higher?
5. Can the student explain the practice of real estate?

These are quick assessments of "Are you ready?" that a student can answer themselves!

Suggest: flashcards or Quizlet.com  and  exam prep: question and answer programs/books
Felicia Roddy
Memphis Real Estate School