Friday, October 1, 2021

What is the Instructor Led Real Estate Principles?

 Students attending MRES are often referred to us for the in-class format.  In 2020, the Instructor Led course was created to provide a type of virtual online class.  It is more of a meeting link with the Instructor to view and hear the Instructor's presentation normally presented in class but in a condensed version.  The textbook was converted to an online course which provides exercises, quizzes and the final exam for compliance reporting a completion to the State of Tennessee.  Yet, with an instructor, the student has the option to ask questions as the topics are overviewed.  This also provides some structure in maintaining the goal for completing the course.  How is the presentation set up?  The students will see the presentation and hear the instructor as the topics are viewed on the days for each session.  Students are not visible on the screen but they have access to a chat room and can speak when given access.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Tennessee License Fees have changed to a lower fee!

Effective November 3, 2019
A Tennessee license application for new agents is now only $90
The Education and Recovery Fund deposit is only $1

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

How long should I wait before taking the State License Exam?

How long should you wait to take the State exam after you complete the principles course?

As soon as practical.  Of course, you should re-read all the material, review summaries and test yourself in each category.  If you know a topic, ease up, study what you didn't grasp well.  Schedule the exam and aim your studying for that date.  The day before the exam...STOP studying.  Then the day off just do a look over to repeat the information to yourself.  

Get plenty of rest.